Flowers for a Friday

What a week !!   All the ugly ‘stuff’  going on in our beautiful country as well as our neighbourhood being on edge after the senseless murder of our friend and neighbour and all the recent break-ins to houses around us  … I took these pics after I’d heard of Derek’s gruesome death .. beaten so badly on the head and face causing him to die.   And what for … two old cell phones, a playstation, an armful of clothing and cash from Derek’s wallet.

I needed to breathe  … I needed to see beauty … I needed calm

Copy of IMG_2180

A simple old-fashioned canna ..

Copy of IMG_2181 Copy of IMG_2184 Copy of IMG_2173 Copy of IMG_2174 Copy of IMG_2178


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2 Responses to Flowers for a Friday

  1. Helen Methley says:

    Lost in the beauty of a flower ❤

  2. So sorry about your loss.

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