Out with the old .. in with the new

I’ve had a tin measuring cone ‘forever’ !!!   I remember buying it from a Pick-n-Pay way, way back ..  about 37 years ago  !!

It’s well used !!   Very very well used !!!   Most of my recipes are in pounds and ounces – lbs and oz –  even though we’ve been metric ‘forever’ !!  I am that old !!   My original measuring cone has faded and measurements worn out in places and I have been looking for several years now, to replace it.

I love it – I love the shape – it’s easy to use, no-nonsense measuring!!  I’ve tried others, they’re just not the same.

Finally  I found a replacement today !!!!  Yay !!!   .. at   In Good Company   in Parkhurst 🙂

Copy of IMG_1706

Copy of IMG_1707


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2 Responses to Out with the old .. in with the new

  1. chitaiti says:

    My Mum’s got one of the Tala ones – JUST the same as it was at least 50 years ago! WOW

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