Farewell Dinner : ‘Best of France’ Trafalgar Tour

After our very busy last day of sightseeing on the most amazing 13 day tour around France (July 2012)  with Trafalgar Tours with our fabulous bus driver, Marc, who was always at the foot of the steps to give a helping hand to all who needed one, and even some of us who didn’t but just enjoyed this lost act of chivalry ..  and Mark, the very knowledgeable, friendly, always smiling, always keen to help, always willing to go hunting for ‘lost souls’ who didn’t make the deadline for meeting at the bus …. we all went out for our Farewell Dinner, followed by (for those who wished .. and we did) a night cruise on the River Seine.

The Farewell Dinner at  Au Pied de Cochon, was fabulous .. relaxed and jovial as we had all got to know each other over the last two weeks  …





I loved the use of mirrors and the funky light fittings !!! …






IMG_7439The food was delicious .. yumm !!!    We had choices, as usual throughout the tour and, I might had here,  the tour go to great lengths to cater for all dietary requirements.  This was mine … French onion soup ..

IMG_7428… followed by fish (name of which escapes me now .. being 7 months ago 😉 ) rice, zucchini, served with a very tasty sauce (the yumminess of which I do remember!)



… dessert being tarte tatin with fresh cream .. delishhh !!!  I need to make one of these!


Marvellous Mark, our Tour Director …



IMG_7441 IMG_7442


Thank you Mark, and Trafalgar, for the most amazing tour 🙂

p.s. not quite finished 😉   still to come .. night cruise on the Seine and snippets from our own two days in Paris after the tour



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2 Responses to Farewell Dinner : ‘Best of France’ Trafalgar Tour

  1. Food looks good and the hotel looks stunning. This kind of farewell dinner has good and sad bits to it. After the holiday you are looking forward to getting home, but you are also sad that its over.

    • Yes, you’re so right ! Au Pied de Cochon is a restaurant, not a hotel. The main restaurant is downstairs – groups are seated upstairs. We went to quite a few restaurants which cater for tours/groups, completely separate from ordinary diners

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