Christmas Day with our family

We are very lucky to have all our children living here .. and for once we were all together for Christmas Day .. special times 🙂   I say, for once, because more often that not, married children have to split their time between families – we did, so we know what it’s like – and on other Christmas Day’s, because we have paramedics in our family, they were usually on duty.  Christmas is the busiest time on the roads, besides Easter weekend.   Bryan’s Dad also joined us this year as Bryan’s Mom, Renee, is a frail care nursing sister and was on duty  …  Jeanette has more photos on her blog


…. can’t wait any longer … ‘time’ to open prezzies .. !!!


Bradley read the labels and his two helpers handed out the prezzies .. in a flash!!!  They dashed around as fast as they could so that they could open their own 🙂



Santa brought Erin a cool new girlie bike which they brought for her to ride on our quiet road …


 IMG_0949Downhill was fun .. uphill wasn’t ..

IMG_0951I realy really really miss my big tree in the garden .. we would have sat on the lawn, in the cool shade, but instead we had to squish on the patio …. still better than being indoors though ..  (it was a steaming hot day !)


Kiddies had fun with the Christmas crackers … fun novelties inside ..


…hence the moustache ..


IMG_0992It’s mine, says Papa  🙂  !!


Erin blocking off her ears from the crackers’ bangs ..  Copy of IMG_0989

A ‘fart bomb’  was inside one cracker which Connor let off … 🙂

 IMG_1002Copy of IMG_1004Hubby, with Elaine’s help, setting up his new toy .. a Kindle – he reads alot now that he’s retired  🙂


We had a really lovely day surrounded by our family 🙂    … the usual Christmas fare, fantastic prezzies for all, sunshine and wine 🙂

Must share these prezzies .. mugs, one for me and one for hubby .. hand drawn by Erin :   it’s Erin herself, with hubby on right, me on left in Granny’s garden, hence the flowers –  she loves my garden 🙂   isn’t that so sweet 🙂   Something to treasure .. forever !!  Thank you Erin xxx mwah


Hope your Christmas was as memorable as ours

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3 Responses to Christmas Day with our family

  1. Jenty says:

    Thanks Mom it was a perfect Christmas day 🙂

  2. Mrs FF says:

    This is what Christmas is all about – Family.

    Merry Christmas in arrears 🙂

  3. We’re normally away camping over Christmas. Perhaps next year we’ll change our plans a little bit

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