Eiffel Tower …. and world peace

When in Paris … taking photographs of the Eiffel Tower from every-which-way is what people do .. including me 🙂

This is the spot, in front of École Militaire, where we were supposed to have our group tour photograph taken but the photographer was delayed.  It happened later, under the Tower, after our trip up to the second level …in the lift .. not up the millions of steps !!

Copy of IMG_7203Impressive sight from this direction ..

Copy of IMG_7202

.. although I wasn’t so keen on this modern, yet striking,  monument to peace …

Copy of IMG_7204

Copy of IMG_7205 Copy of IMG_7206

Copy of IMG_7207

Thought provoking though … with the shattered glass …

Copy of IMG_7208


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One Response to Eiffel Tower …. and world peace

  1. You have me so seriously jealous.

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