Not a single photograph !!

Can’t believe I didn’t take one photo last night !!!!  Not one !!

Our dinner last night ended as a celebration of the engagement of our ‘baby’ girl to her soul mate, Bryan, when they returned from their weekend away in the Cape, and where Bryan proposed to Elaine 🙂     Monday’s are usually, what I call, ‘mommy’s night’  when Elaine and Bryan have dinner at his mom and dad’s (Renée and Nigel), but we decided to switch our nights/dinners with them for a small celebration.  (we have them on Wednesdays !)  Robyn and Mark popped in too, so I invited them to stay for dinner.  Bryan’s sister and her fiance also popped .. a chilled bottle of champers in hand !!

It was a lovely lovely evening  .. very special for us all  !!   I actually never gave it a thought to take any pics sadly 😦      Bryan made an impromptu speech which left us girls a little teary  🙂 Thank you Bryan ..  son-in-law-to-be 🙂  we welcome you into our family with all our hearts and love and wish you both happiness and love, always and forever  .. love you both .. lots and lots xxx

Wow .. Elaine’s engagement ring is absolutely stunning .. well done Bryan .. good choice!!!  🙂     Beautiful deep blue oval sapphire with three diamonds clustered on either side

Copy of IMG_0668

The evidence .. the morning after  🙂  Graham Beck ‘champers’

Copy of IMG_0691



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2 Responses to Not a single photograph !!

  1. Jenty says:

    It’s a beautiful ring 🙂 sounds like it was an amazing evening

  2. Ange says:

    What a stunning ring! It’s beautiful. So excited for you all! Xx

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