Happiness is ………. getting engaged !!

Whoo hoo !! 🙂


Elaine is the ‘baby’ in our family .. and she and Bryan announced their engagement yesterday .. in Cape Town .. far,  far away from here !!!!   I can’t give them a hug .. only tomorrow when they return home from a weekend away.   Hubby and I are absolutely thrilled, excited and happy for them 🙂

Jeanette and Lance were married close on 16 years ago .. Carl and Nicole were married 12 years ago .. and now Elaine and Bryan will be planning THEIR BIG DAY !!  🙂  (there is a huge gap in their ages .. 40, 37 and 26 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan is her partner … her soul mate … her best friend

She’s our baby …  my sweetie pie …  my hubby’s ‘niks’

Love you both .. lots and lots xxx mwah xxx

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1 Response to Happiness is ………. getting engaged !!

  1. Congrats to Elaine as well as to the family. Awesome news. I was kinda wondering if it’s not on the cards after her friends’ weddings.

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