Full house !

We’ve had a full house for a couple of days hence the silence from my blog.  It was fun !!   Hubby’s relatives from Australia plus two friends = six adults .. four of which were 20 something males!!!  My fridge ie food and beers needed replenishing daily 🙂 !!   All beds occupied plus lounge floor!!  Jackie loved all the attention .. always someone bending down giving her a gentle rub around the ears

 IMG_0549We had to use two cars to get them to the airport this morning for the next leg of their South African/Zimbabwe holiday.   The house echoes again.  Jackie is missing their friendly rubs.  She had fun … it was fun  🙂 !!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday, Mark, Cheryl, Mat, Grant, Mat and Mat 🙂  !!!   Hope it’s not another 13 odd years before you’re return 🙂


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  1. Doggies love visitors giving them attention.

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