St Émilion, Aquitaine, SW France

After our visit to Chateau Soutard .. a short hop to the medieval village of St Émilion .. join me on our very interesting walk-about and lunch in a brasserie in the village square ..

All that remains of a Dominical Convent is a giant wall of a gothic church deserted in the Hundred Years War (1337-1453)

It stands tall and proud overlooking clos vineyards.  I learned something new .. the meaning of clos – vineyard surrounded by a wall, usually a low one ..

Parts of the 12th century rampart still remain ..

Memorial for the villagers fallen in the WW I ..

.. the sad thing about it is that, being a small village, families (the family names) were wiped out totally, as the family men-folk were killed – fathers and sons.  Many villages suffered the same losses, so when WWII came about, not all male family members were allowed to serve ..

Collegiate Church ..

..  The Romanesque Collegiate Church with a tall domed nave, built in the 12th century, took 200 years to build ..

Cloister of the Collegiate Church ..

Modern sculptures are prominent throughout France, even in ancient surroundings ..

Very steep narrow cobblestone streets called escalettes ..  (note the shop’s sign for macarons – researching St Emilion .. as I had to refresh my memory 🙂 – I read that macarons are still made from the Ursuline’s (Catholic nuns) recipe since 17th century!!)

Walking into the town square, we come across the spire/clock tower of the Monolithic Church .. the spire built in 1883 ..

.. and the Trinity Church, straight ahead.  Thank goodness we had a booking for lunch at  Amélia-Canta on the square.  The square was packed, inside restaurants and outside !!

Amélia-Canta, a lovely restaurant which served the most delicious food !!

I had a leek and cheese pie with fresh greens  .. yumm mm

.. hubby had duck salad, which I would have had if I hadn’t chosen roast duck for mains – hubby had a pork dish (he didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my roast duck!)  ..

My delicious roast duck .. moist and tasty .. served with fresh greens and mashed potato cake !

Our walk-about will continue after lunch next post .. not too many photos as we were not allowed any photography at all in the Trinity Church, the hermitage and the Monolithic Church


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2 Responses to St Émilion, Aquitaine, SW France

  1. I just can’t get enough of the history. The history in Europe is so much “better” than here because its so much older.

  2. Janet says:

    That duck looks amazing. It’s my absolute favourite (oh, not forgetting veal – that’ s right up there too).

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