En route to Lourdes

I didn’t realise how difficult it was to choose a toilet !!   We needed a shower in our en suite bathroom, which is very small, and decided to take out the bath and put a shower in it’s place.  It’s a ripple effect .. we need tiles, new taps .. we then new basin to go with new fittings .. and then new a toilet, to go with the new taps and the new basin etc !  They come in all shapes and sizes and without doing major, major plumbing we need to find one to fit … .. ..

Back to France – a quick one today as I have gym, picking up boys, homework to see to etc – yesterday was Bradley’s cricket and the toilet dilemna .. maybe later I can do a longer post on Lourdes …

On the way to Lourdes, the countryside changes as we get closer to the Pyrenees, passing wheatfields  ..

… and sunflowers ..

The young honeymoon couple found other things to do ..

Gave de Pau River runs through Lourdes ..

Fort of Lourdes – 1000 years old and never been conquered, is an historical monument and museum today


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One Response to En route to Lourdes

  1. We’re building on a study but the mrs has the en suite in her sights as well. *sigh*

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