Nice, Côte d’Azur # 5 .. old and new

…continuing our walk in Nice, before we met up with our tour group again …

In a very small square, we came across this beautiful church – I’ve tried to find out more about it, without success ..

It was very dark inside – had to lighten the photos a lot!

Onward we walked ..  stopped for an ice cream at, we found out later, a well-known glacier who serves 50 flavours of ice cream .. boggles the mind !   Hubby had vanilla and I had .. sadly can’t remember 😦   it had almonds in it for sure :),  it took me so long to decide .. I’d rather not have so many choices !!   Anyway both our choices were absolutely creamy and delicious 🙂   Not only sweet varieties are available, there’s also things like black olive, tomato-basil, avocado, liquorice, lavender .. .. .. … .. .. ..

I have been taken by all the remembrance plagues we came across in our trip around France, in memory of all those who lost their lives in WWI  and WWII

Faded writing on this water fountain reads 1830  .. no idea what it represents – looks like a postbox  or a resting place for someone’s ashes ..

Out of the old .. into the new, more modern Nice .. on the other side of Place Masséna ..

Love these buildings that come to a point !!

Hubby did a bit of window shopping .. what an incredible shop – everything you could possibly think of for the artist ..  (he dabbled in art when young .. he should dabble in art again 🙂

More window shopping ..

Enormous jar of Nutella !!

Next stop .. one of the most famous hill villages of the Nice hinterland, St Paul de Vence

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4 Responses to Nice, Côte d’Azur # 5 .. old and new

  1. Janet says:

    Wow! Love those watches 🙂 Did I understand correctly? Tom & Basil ice-cream?? Wonder what that would taste like – can’t begin to imagine!

  2. Love that last building and that jar of Nutella would look fab in my kitchen

  3. Suddenly I miss my trip to Germany a couple of years ago. The one thing about the Europeans (and Americans) is that they are very good at commemorating stuff and you get to see a lot of monuments and plaques. Sad that we don’t do it as much.

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