Baby Black Eagle

Referring to my post of about a week ago – 24 Aug – about our picnic at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, there was an article in our local newspaper last weekend with a photograph of the eaglet in the nest

Photographing the nest is possible by a permanent camera attached to the cliff-face

I meant to keep the article, but alas I didn’t – briefly… the female usually produces two eggs which hatch around mid-May.  Survival of the fittest then ensues and one is left.   Baby Black Eagle should take to the air mid to end September .. find a mate and start the cycle elsewhere.  They mate for life and will remain in their area and use their same nest over and over again.


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2 Responses to Baby Black Eagle

  1. Oh how wish I could see them flying overhead when I was there. Somebody asked if I knew where the nest was and I didn’t.

  2. Oh dear – didn’t you see the nest? Didn’t you walk to the waterfall?

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