Walk-about in Monaco # 2

Continuing our walk in Monaco …

Entrance to the interior of the Palais, which is only open to the public in summer, (no time for us sadly) to view “priceless furniture and carpets, and it’s magnificent frescoes”.

View from low wall   ..

Quaint little art shop down a side street ..

Walking back to our rendezvous, hubby and I had just enough time to dash into the Cathédrale de Monaco ..

Prince Ranier’s burial place ..

.. and beside him lies Princess Grace ..

Walking along Av St-Martin from the Cathédrale towards our rendezvous point – outside the Musée Oceanographique we pass magnificent homes ..


.. and a public tiered garden adjacent to the museum – would have loved to have had a wander .. sadly no time … 😦

Forgive me .. just two more photos (as my family are Grand Prix fanatics!)   … on our way out we drove on part of the Grand Prix circuit .. had to get a shot through heads and backs of bus seats ..  do you see the horizontal lines on the road ?.. the starting grid of the Grand Prix cars ..

Violà  .. our visit to Monaco .. onward to our next destination – 2 night stay in Nice !!


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2 Responses to Walk-about in Monaco # 2

  1. Jientje says:

    It looks like you had a great vacation in France, I have enjoyed all of your photos up until now. I’ve never been to Monaco yet, I think I’m going to put that on my bucket list, I would love to go there one day. We did not get to France at all this year, so I’m counting the days until we do get there next year! Looking forward to see the pictures of Nice, I’ve never been there either!

  2. Two comments.
    1. Looking at the boats you can clearly see that there are a LOT of money in this place.
    2. It must have been amazing seeing the royal graves.

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