Avignon, Province # 1

As usual, we didn’t have much time in Avignon, as we were on our way to Nice for a 2 night ‘sleep-over’  but this ancient town, surrounded by 4.3km of massive ramparts built in 14th century, was fascinating.   If you don’t mind, I’m quoting from ‘Lonely Planet Discover France’ – ” this graceful city is the belle of Provence’s ball.  Its turn as the papal seat of power has bestowed Avignon with a treasury of magnificent art and architecture, none grander than the massive medieval fortress and papal palace, the Palais des Papes.”

” Avignon is also known for its fabled bridge, the Pont St-Bénézet, aka the Pont d’Avignon.”  (photo through the bus window on our arrival – bus goes through that cut-out tunnel!)

From this archway in the ramparts, there is a good view of the 12th century Pont St-Bénézet.  People danced on an island under the bridge, but over the years, the famous song has become ‘sur the Pont d’ Avignon’  and not ‘sous ‘ ..

Join me on our walk through a small part of Avignon, along the narrow streets and pausing to admire the magnificent Palais de Papes ..

” I am a music man … and I come from far away … … … ”    I know he has a name/title, and so does his music,  but I cannot recall it   😦

Love those baskets 🙂

While walking with Mark, we stopped to admire the wooden dolls in a shop window.  All different, all dressed in traditional dress from Southern France.  It’s a craft that’s been popular in the region for centuries

Aren’t they gorgeous ?   Would have loved to have brought one home with me

We’ve reached the huge square where Avignon holds France’s largest festival, which includes ballet, drama and classical concerts.   That’s our tour group, standing in the hot midday sun behind the line of kiddies walking hand-in-hand following their teacher 🙂     The Palais des Papes is opposite these buildings ..

Next blog post in Avignon .. the Palais des Papes and continuing our walk-about … ..



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4 Responses to Avignon, Province # 1

  1. I am loving our little photogaphic tour through France with you

    • Thanks ‘Cat’ I took so many pics, it’s a pity not to share them with those who are interested. I knew nothing about France this tour – it was an eye-opener and I loved every minute of it. Absolutely loved the country and the people

  2. Jenty says:

    What a stunning town!!

  3. I would much rather explore an ancient town like this than a modern place. Beautiful and interesting place. Those dolls must be expensive though.

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