Quick pic .. Avignon .. my first genuine ‘French’ crêpe

A quick lunch before heading back to the bus, having had some free time to wander around the ancient town of Avignon – blog post/s still to follow.    Could not pass a crêperie without having ‘my first genuine French crêpe’ , while hubby chose a baguette … his usual choice !


I had my first crêpe in France ! 🙂   I was not disappointed ..

… although, I had to stop her from pouring on more of that sugar !!

Sitting under the shade of an olive tree in the Place de l’Horloge listening to the music wafting from the 1900’s merry-go-round.

I took a video of this merry-go-round but sadly our computer has gobbled it up and it’s disappeared .. hubby can’t retrieve it either – I only took two videos ..this one and the twinkling lights on the Eiffel Towers, both disappeared 😦


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5 Responses to Quick pic .. Avignon .. my first genuine ‘French’ crêpe

  1. Ross Ramsey says:

    Those look pretty amazing!! Crepes seem like they would be kind of difficult to make at first, but it looks fun to make. Nice post!

  2. I love pancakes but have never had a crêpe. That looks so good. Would love to try one

    • Jonker – it’s the same as a pancake .. just bigger!! They make them very very thin though and you can have all sorts of fillings – usually sweet it seems. Nutella seems to be popular but the thought of all that chocolate in the heat of the Provencal midday was a no-no even tho’ I love chocolate!

  3. Jenty says:

    Ooh that looks yum!

  4. sybaritica says:

    Are they all sweet or do they do savoury ones too?

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