Quick pic …. outside Monaco Oceanographic Museum

.. and a blogging problem 😦

I am encountering problems with my blog .. it’s on a go-slow (as is Facebook)  and downloading photos is a hit and miss affair!!     I am trying to put together a blog on Lyon, the second largest city in France, but shorter blogs with less pics seem less hassling at present.  Less stress, more calm!!!   Breathe deep .. and . s . l . o . w !!!

Hopefully these few photos will come through …  a 10 metre bronze baby, Planet, which is part of the Littoral Zone exhibition by Marc Quinn outside and throughout the inside of the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco  ..

Love his tootsies !!

.. and then there’s the huge orchard – Wilder Shores of Desire ..

… the yellow submarine –  has nothing to do with the exhibition – it was used by the marine explorer Jacques Cousteau, who established his research centre there

…  and an octopus !!     Am now singing the Beatles hit  .. .. .. ” we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine … … … … .. in an octopuses garden in the shade ”   !!!

Holding thumbs that you can see the pics  !!


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3 Responses to Quick pic …. outside Monaco Oceanographic Museum

  1. Janet says:

    Do love that octopus! It’s a skinny one 🙂 Certainly looks as though you had a fabulous trip Avril! Lovely memories captured so beautifully!

  2. Love that flower – as a chils Jacques Cousteau was my hero

  3. I struggled with my Fb all weekend as well, but it seems to be back in working order. “We all live in a yellow submarine…..”

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