A selection of pics from this past week

All packed and ready to leave for France later this evening.  We took Jackie to the kennels for the very first time!  She was happy and willing to go with the chappie through the kennel gate, tail in the air and doing her little skip with her back legs as she trotted off!   We couldn’t see further, so hoping all went well and she enjoys her country retreat!  It’s way out in the country, exceptionally clean kennels and very nice owners and helpers.  She will be sharing a kennel with another Jack Russel, that is there for two months.  Both being indoor dogs, they will have a heater in their ‘room’ at night!

Some pics with the Canon 600D and some with the little Lumix,  to say au revoir until hubby and I return in two weeks.  Bradley and Connor have enjoyed our walks in the afternoons (it was their half-term, hence the free time with no homework or activities) ..

The following day’s walk …

Dirty bum!!   Jackie’s loving her walks and getting more adventurous, wading her way through shallow waters, reeds and mud ..

” When can I go for a walk again ? ”  ..

Purple Hypoestes caught in the late afternoon sun ..

I’m hoping the primulas will survive while we’re away, they’re just beginning to flower  …

Au revoir 🙂  !!

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3 Responses to A selection of pics from this past week

  1. Jientje says:

    have a wonderful vacation in France, I will be thinking of you.

  2. I’m sure Kackie and the grandkids will miss you very much. You’ll probably be back when you read this but ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!!!!!!! Oh and take lots of pics.

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