Monday’s blues

After a freezing weekend, when I hardly ventured outside, this afternoon, with camera in hand.  A perfect subject of a crested barbet eating Connor’s apple core flew away when he saw the said camera .. so blue flowers in the location of the bird feeder were second best ..



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4 Responses to Monday’s blues

  1. Jientje says:

    It’s so funny, I can’t imagine South Africa as anything other than very warm and sunny!
    Beautiful photos Avril!

    • Jientjie .. our mid winters are usually bitterly cold. Fortunately the sun shines most of the time which makes it look warmer. Zimbabwe (old Rhodesia) where we originate from have the most marvellous winters – far nicer than here – and the summers are glorious. They have the best climate ever ! Pity the country is in turmoil constantly.

  2. Firefly says:

    Pity the bird didn’t stick around for some pictures

  3. adesolaf says:

    Your pictures are beautiful as always

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