Winter has arrived

A wind blew yesterday bringing a cold front from the south.  The normally clear blue sky clouded over and by afternoon it was cold and grey 😦    Overnight, the clouds disappeared and the air was icy.

This morning, when I looked out of the kitchen window,  the sky was still clear and blue but the horizon didn’t look very pleasant  …

I spotted a dove in the neighbours tree, basking in the warm morning sun, sheltering from the icy wind …

The temperature was 7.5 degrees C on our car’s temp gauge at midday.   Thank heavens for the odd bit of sunshine peeping through the drifting  clouds …

To keep our tootsies warm this winter, hubby and I invested in sheepskin slippers ..  c…o…s…y  !!!

Jackie keeps herself warm by tucking her nose into her ‘blankies’ …



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One Response to Winter has arrived

  1. Jenty says:

    and? Aren’t those slippers the best ever!! I love mine!

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