Our walks are getting on the chilly side now

Gremlins have been at work again on my blog .. this is my second attempt at this post – the first one disappeared leaving only the title 😦

Our early winter mornings are rather icy now with temperatures around 8 to 10 degrees C.  Frost lies in sheltered pockets on the burnt grass.  Mid winter sees this veld/greenbelt covered in heavy frost most mornings.    These days there is light frost in the colder sheltered pockets …  

A portion of the veld burnt rapidly with the help of a strong wind.   Fortunately the grass cutters had been at work just in time.   Grass fires are dangerous with housing so close.  In Gauteng, because of our very dry winters, grass and bush fires are common

Copper wiring thieves have been at work in the dead of night.  They cut lengths of telephone cabling, stripping them of their valuable copper wiring, leaving the evidence – empty cables.  It’s a huge problem here, leaving many households and businesses without telephone/internet connection for weeks or months on end.   Replacing such cables takes forever – the powers that be are usually very slack these days in this country 😦

You can see the bulk of the cable in the water.


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One Response to Our walks are getting on the chilly side now

  1. Firefly says:

    The sooner we find a replacement for copper the better. I have noticed on the weather forecast that its getting rather chilly up there by you at night.

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