Bradley’s 9th birthday party at Sci-Bono

What a day yesterday!!  Firstly, Bradley’s birthday party at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, Newtown, Johannesburg .. an amazing place … then dashed off to Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for a Mother’s Day concert and picnic which unfortunately was rained out after about an hour of us being there.   Turned a little chilly too, so Jeanette and family joined us for hot tea and birthday cake, before helping us eat some of our picnic food !

The party was awesome – the only word to describe it!!  Sci Bono is amazing –  Jeanette has story and pics on her blog – I took photos as well, naturally!!

A ‘must have’ mirror !  (except if you stand further back the boobs disappear completely !)

Mindball  … the most relaxed one of the two players, wins.   The magnetic ball rolls towards the one for the more busy mind …   Bradley and one of his buddy’s were equally relaxed …

Look how totally relaxed his buddy was .. !!!

Jeanette paired with Bradley … it didn’t take the ball long to roll it’s way to her side .. busy mind .. busy girl !!!!

The science show/demonstration had the kiddies enthralled …

This was hilarious !   Angelique had to add ‘stones’ to the coke bottle held by Bradley  .. which exploded in a fountain of fizz !!!

My favourite photo …

Top notch awesomeness – great place for a party or just a day out for kiddies and adults alike.   Absolutely amazing !!

p.s.   the smiley face cake … a Granny Speciality  … again  !!!

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3 Responses to Bradley’s 9th birthday party at Sci-Bono

  1. Firefly says:

    How I would love to visit this place. Perhaps next time I’m in Jhb I should find out where it is and go. They are working on a Science Centre in Uitenhage which will hopefully open fairly soon.

  2. Karen says:

    That one pic of the two kids really laughing is a classic and should be framed – enlarged ! A BIG poster! Awesome. Looks like a fun place.

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