Hello world !! !!

Having done a post the other day about my 800th,  I went way …  way back to the beginning … my first post was titled  “Hello world” and text read ” My first blog ever ! ”   That’s it .. that was all!   No photo,  just 4 words!!  It was a test run which Jeanette helped me set up (as I am clueless 🙂  )    She suggested I delete it, but I didn’t.  Glad I didn’t  🙂   I’ve come quite a long way since then .. learnt heaps about finding my way around the computer 🙂  .. and I’m having fun expanding my photography skills !!  🙂

This link, below, is my 4th one, showing two photos of my garden and telling my new bloggie friends that my garden will feature often in future blogs … and so it does 🙂


Sunny spot next to Jackie snoozing on some groundcover – Erigeron – which I have all over the garden now (planted it in all little gaps!)  …

Note to Ray and Carol here :   your Christmas cactus has settled down well and is now sprouting !!  …

My garden is filled with natural wonder as the seasons change .. never ceasing to amaze me with it’s beauty which I try to capture the best way I can

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Wife ... mom ... granny .. in a nutshell ! Never a dull moment !
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2 Responses to Hello world !! !!

  1. Beautiful! Heading up to my 1000th post and not sure what ro do about it

  2. it is fun to go back and look at our blogs from the beginning…how much they change over time…I erased alot of my first posts..now I wish I hadn’t

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