Making corrugated cardboard boxes

That’s what my younger brother does.  As I said in my previous post, Ian was left jobless about 2 years ago and having worked in the cardboard box industry all his life, he knew there was a need for the ‘little man’ who only needed a smaller quantity of boxes than was available at the larger box companies.

To cut a long story short .. he’s little business, Keay Trading    is growing … from a few piles of corrugated cardboard sheets, dwarfed by the volumnious space of a small factory, no machinery (which I saw in Oct 2010) .. to piles of sheeting and folded boxes of different sizes, a couple of very happy staff members who play their music loudly and chatter while cut, stick and fold and huge pieces of machinery !!

Ian having a tea break at his  ‘boardroom’ table in the general office upstairs …

 He is helped in the office by Kathy and their daughter Daniella who has recently joined the family business  !!

His ‘under-the-stairs’ office !!  I like the wedge under the laptop !

Large machine below is a cutter/trimmer …

This one with the nifty handle ‘thingie’ is a slicer/puncher for boxes to be folded this one and that, if you know what I mean … 🙂

Blue machine is a huge gluer …

Smaller boxes are glued by hand …

… folded …

.. and strapped …

Violá  .. ready for delivery!!

That’s what my younger brother does … he makes boxes !

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4 Responses to Making corrugated cardboard boxes

  1. FireflyAfrica (Firefly) says:

    Amazing. The best part is he took what he knew and made a success with it.

  2. we tak boxes for granted, but they are so important and I am happy he has found a place for himself in the industry.

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