If it’s Tuesday, it must be ‘walk with Jackie’ day

Different photographs this time .. mainly indigenous trees which are scattered about the park …

 Cabbage Tree ( Cussionia  paniculata) – slender with leaves bunched at the top …

They usually branch out from the bottom …

Odd looking but are magnificent specimens when they’re mature .. all these are still young

I’m not clued up on indigenous plant names .. a low growing aloe (that’s all I know about this one)  .. 🙂  !!

Remember the ‘smiley’ tree from a previous post … this is inside the ‘mouth’ !  …

Dead flower on a protea tree (I know it as the Sugar Bush) …

When we lived adjoining this area, my Mum (during visits from Zimbabwe) used to always pick bunches of these dead flowers for dry arrangements in my house …

I am also clueless on the majority of indigenous tree names.  There is a quite variety in this park …

 This one could be an olive, but there again, it may not be 🙂   I had an indigenous olive years ago planted near the pool but took it out once I realised how messy they were, after a visit to Walter Sisululu Botanical Gardens where there indigenous selection of trees is vast  ..

I know this is an acacia of sorts ..

 Loerie Park must have Grey Loeries !!!!   I haven’t seen or heard them yet until today .. there was a flock of them flying around and calling each other with their familiar ‘Go away’ calls, but I could only capture this lone one in the half dead tree (civilization is beyond that fence !!) .. When we were children, we only knew them as ‘go-away’ birds (they are common in Zimbabwe too)

… and this pair sitting at the top of a tree and squawking to their fellow feathered friends …


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2 Responses to If it’s Tuesday, it must be ‘walk with Jackie’ day

  1. looks like a great place to walk…love all the trees.

  2. FireflyAfrica (Firefly) says:

    Looking at most of the pictures you wouldn’t say its right in the middle of the city. More like in the veld somewhere

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