Yet another butterfly … Eyed Pansy

This time, trapped indoors …

I heard it fluttering and flapping against a window pane hoping someone would set it free .. but firstly, naturally, I couldn’t let a perfect photo opportunity slip outside  !!!   Window opened, it fluttered off to join it’s fellow creatures and flutter-bies !!!

Beautiful blues shine in the sun …

Shadow play  …

Pretty isn’t it ? !


About momsmeanderings

Wife ... mom ... granny .. in a nutshell ! Never a dull moment !
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2 Responses to Yet another butterfly … Eyed Pansy

  1. FireflyAfrica (Firefly) says:

    Where are all you butterflies coming from? You used to see so many of them in the past. Its like they are disappearing along with our open spaces.

  2. Yes I agree ! I have planted more indigenous plants .. maybe that’s why !

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