Visitors to my garden

I’m having fun with my Canon  .. as you can see !!  A friend of mine asked whether I spend all day in my garden!   I wish!!

I spend very little time, in fact.   I do bits of gardening in between gym, yoga, pilates, shopping and granny duties with boys every afternoon

 Also do gardening over weekends, weather permitting, in between household chores and family and friends visits/visiting us for lunch/dinner

Hubby goes to gym on Sunday morning ..  early!   I could stay in bed but I choose to get up, make a cup of tea,  give Jackie her biscuits and a little tea (spoilt dog!)  and enjoy the quietness of the morning,  sitting on a bench in the freshness of the garden listening to birds and buzzing of bees

We are rolling into winter shortly.   I am making the most of these early autumn days, with crisp sunshiny mornings and quietly calm evenings when I usually sit with a glass of wine on a garden bench taking in the palette of colourful late summer flowers and plants …. over weekends mostly !!!!!!

My camera and I have become inseparable – I try very hard not to take a photograph of yet another rose, rosebud, lavender, raindrop, bee, butterfly  … but how can I ignore nature’s wonder


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Wife ... mom ... granny .. in a nutshell ! Never a dull moment !
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3 Responses to Visitors to my garden

  1. Always love your pictures Avril!

  2. Silving says:

    I spend my days in the garden lately,reading or painting necklaces, it is a beautiful march!

  3. Firefly says:

    I really like the colourful backgrounds on these pictures

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