Erin’s 5th Birthday party

Yesterday, Erin celebrated her 5th birthday party with her friends at the Chatoga Spur in Glen Marais.   Her actual birthday falls on Easter Sunday this year, hence the party with friends being held early.   School holidays and Easter weekend = most friends away on holiday.

On arrival, you cannot miss the enormous slide in the kiddies play area.  It’s about the height of a single storey building!!!!   I knew the boys would make a B-line for it .. I wasn’t wrong 🙂  I wondered about the safety of it (the boys were left in our care as Jeanette went to a photoshoot) … but it was perfectly safe.    Children climb up and slide down one at a time – the left side is for the smaller kiddies.  Two ladies on either wide watch them the whole the time, blowing their whistles keeping the kiddies under control ..

They were scrambling up the ladder like monkeys !!!

It kept them busy … they spent most of the afternoon on it !!

… and the queue didn’t stop ..

The birthday girl …

Tinkerbell birthday cake made by mom with love …

The Birthday girl …

Birthday sparklers ….  and Happy Birthday sung by the waiters to the beat of the African drum ….

Tinkerbell ????   I thought I heard her little bell !!

Trampoline fun …

Queueing for face painting with one of Erin’s friends and her Dad …

Seeing the world through rose coloured glasses !

Aaaarrrgghhh … no rose coloured glasses here … a pirate’s life for me !!!

Erin’s friend was transformed into a pretty butterfly ..

Flowers and butterfly eyes for Erin …

Happy Birthday pretty little Erin !!!   We love you lots xxx mwah xxx

I must add here 🙂   can’t resist  🙂

….  the journey home is a long one for an exhausted pirate …

… while big brother laughs at the sleeping pirate …


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2 Responses to Erin’s 5th Birthday party

  1. Jenty says:

    My word that’s a huge slide!! Glad they had a ball 🙂
    Must say that’s the best facepainting I’ve seen at a Spur! Erin looks gorgeous with her flowers. And clever Nicole with the cake!!

  2. Firefly says:

    Erin really is sweet. She reminds me so much of my sister’s daughter. Now my two would have spent the whole party on that slide

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