A gardening weekend ..

… isn’t complete without a photo or two … or three … or four … … …

A spot of cricket in the garden first with the boys while their Mom was at a photo shoot – I lost badly but my bowling is improving having watched Bradley’s school cricket and Cricket Academy 🙂  !!

Once they had gone, I got busy cutting, digging, planting, and tidying after a few days of lovely soaking rain 🙂    Early morning and evening photographs follow :-

🙂  had to slip in ripples on the pool with sparkling ‘diamonds’ scattered on the surface 🙂  I sat next the swimming pool early this morning having a cup of tea and watched the sun rise over the shrubs and trees …  lovely time of day especially on a Sunday when the neighbourhood is quiet and all is heard is the twittering of birds and the hum of the pool pump …

… back to gardening ..

One of my favourite roses … Sharifa (Daddy’s rose)

I haven’t contributed to Sunday Selections   – and Weekly Winners – for absolute ages … am doing so now.  Why not pop along to both as well to see more ?  🙂

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4 Responses to A gardening weekend ..

  1. carolina says:

    Oh man, I’m extremely jealous now 😉 Lovely sunshine, beautiful roses, a pool even…. *sigh* I’ve really enjoyed seeing your beautiful flowers and the lovely water drops and am looking forward to Summer even more now.

  2. Elephant's Child says:

    Oh. Oh wow. That was a simply beautiful walk through your garden. Thankyou so much. The water droplets were amazing too.

  3. Firefly says:

    I had some good intentions to work in the garden this weekend, but something kept coming up.

  4. Cassandra says:

    All such wonderful pictures, and those dew drops are a special kind of beautiful. 🙂

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