Huskies, Lance and a birthday cake

It was Lance’s birthday yesterday and I just had to decorate, appropriately, a birthday cake for him.  He takes their huskies, Kimo and Kitara, for runs around the neighbourhood which includes through the greenbelt/vlei.   Huskies are huskies afterall, and they love to run … and keep running !!   I always have this image of Lance trying desperately to keep up with them or being dragged .. as was the case once when they spotted a cat and gave chase … Lance dug his heels in and was literally pulled ..

Not exactly a look-a-like but it’s only suitable Lego man I could find amongst the boys Lego!   I coloured his hair with black wax crayon …

The closest I could find to Kimo and Kitara were wolves hence the coloured-in-with-blue-crayon eyes …

So there he  is … being dragged by / keeping up with  ..  the dogs …

… to a spot where they’ve found Easter Eggs …

Now where’s the Bunny …  🙂  !!

Happy Birthday Lance !!!


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2 Responses to Huskies, Lance and a birthday cake

  1. Jenty says:

    Haha it was a brilliant cake… and yummy too 🙂
    Thanks Mom!!

  2. Firefly says:

    You are really going all the way with your imagination when you are baking.

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