Jackie met her friends today

Sometimes on our morning walk, we are not alone – sometimes we meet up with a couple walking their two off-white/beige maltese poodles and a larger dog.  Today the two malteses had a friend, a pretty white young one with a pink collar.  Between all three of them Jackie was circled and sniffed closely.  They played for a few minutes while we chatted then we all went on our separate ways ….

The sky was blue …. the half moon was above …

… the willows are yellowing and losing their leaves …

… there are less flowers ..

… covered in heavy dew sparkling in the morning sun …

I love sun sparkling on the dewy grasses …

Back to the real world ..



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One Response to Jackie met her friends today

  1. You just made me wonder when i last saw a willow tree … we had one in our front garden in Jhb many years ago!

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