Getting spoilt !!

Overwhelmed with birthday wishes yesterday .. many many thanks to everyone mwah xxx

My daysuper-doops prezzie from hubby – compact camera bag that holds camera and two lenses .. yippee !!!  gathering useful items for our France holiday 🙂   Maybe I need to go down to Somerset West to visit my Mum,  to try it out 😉

Morning : tried a new yoga class and realised you can’t stop the aging process sadly, when you see the younger ones doing what you used to do with absolute ease 😦  I am carrying a few extra kilos around the middle regions so I’m making that my excuse 🙂

Afternoon : go to boys’ school, collect Connor, walk around to cricket field (a mission in itself – there are two fields not next to each other and it’s a luck of the draw as to which one is being used for that day, so we traipse to the one then to the other and are told by a teacher …” we’re playing on this/that field today!!”  .. as if you can read their minds !!!   Then we dodge the rain in between cricket practice .. and me regretting that my washing is still on the washline 😦

Late afternoon :  Home again … trying to get Bradley to focus on homework is usually also a mission after cricket – yesterday wasn’t too bad .. he knew his mom was coming early as we were going out for the evening.  Mom arrives with a gorgeous bunch of flowers for me and a spa treatment voucher   ( oooh can’t wait for that … back and neck massage plus some sort of back treatment plus facial … lucky me !! 🙂  Thanks my girl mwah xxx

Evening :  Quick change of clothing once boys are gone then off to dinner and theatre at Monte Casino.   Yummy pasta at Verducchio …

… then onto to the absolutely superb Phantom of the Opera !!  It was brilliant … absolutely brilliant !!  The costumes were magnificent, the stage sets were incredible,  the voices were magical  … wow   wow   wow  !!!


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4 Responses to Getting spoilt !!

  1. Firefly says:

    I hope (or actually I can see) that you had a great birthday. I would love to see the Phantom.

  2. Janet says:

    So glad you had a good time! My ex pupil, Anton Luiting, is the resident director! I’ve heard it’s brilliant! 🙂

  3. Oh I missed your birthday . Happy happy birthday – may your year be blessed beyond all expectations

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