An interesting guided walk at Leopard Mountain .. Part II

Walking further up the hill to where it levelled off, Ivor pointed out a clearing which indicated that it had been inhabited long, long ago …

There are still signs of habitation on the concessions, Leopard Mountain being one,  as I mentioned in Part I and everything is left as it’s found.   Zulu tribal wars were fought in the region in the 1800’s between the Zulu Kingdom and other Zulu tribes.  Spearheads, and/or parts thereof, and other bits and pieces from that time have been found.  What is found is put back.  One such item is this part of a millstone …

.. which still has faint signs of pockmarks which are beaten into the stone to aid with grinding maize/corn …

On the other side of the clearing under some trees we found a grinding stone, which is used to grind the maize on the millstone …

Scattered stones below indicated a grave site.  When the poor unfortunate person was buried, the site is piled with stones and legend has it that if his soul goes to heaven then a tree will grow from the head of the grave, helping his soul reach the sky.   This particular one didn’t have a tree, but he was buried long long ago, maybe ‘his’ tree had been knocked over by elephants or burnt in a bush fire … or …

We noticed different types of stones (I didn’t take a photo) which indicated that stones were brought in from other areas to use on graves

Gorgeous view from the clearing .. making it easy for the inhabitants to see if there were enemy approaching …

Looking for more evidence ..

We took longer than is normal for a morning guided walk.  Wesley went to fetch the vehicle to pick us up and return to the lodge for a welcoming breakfast

… and return to the Lodge for a welcoming breakfast … just for the two of us !!!!  (we were the only guests on this particular day!)

… and a siesta in/on the hammock on the deck of our bungalow before lunch and before more guests arrive in time for the afternoon/evening game drive …


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