Happiness is .. swimming without armbands !

Yesterday was a milestone day !!!

1.   Erin dislikes having a haircut!   There is a marvellous kiddies hair salon (and adults go there too, I believe!) at Lifestyle Centre.    I’ve taken Erin to the Centre for milkshakes and to play on the jungle gym – it’s lovely and shady and I can sip coffee while she plays.  Anyway, the salon is filled with kiddies decor and TV’s.  The whole ceiling is also painted with branches and leaves.  Fascinating!  I wished there were places like that when my children were little!

Finally, I persuaded Erin to have a haircut.  She LOVED it!!   Had her hair washed at the basin looking at the jungle ceiling, hair sprayed with conditioner and detangler, sat watching TV whilst hairdresser and I conspired to cut quite a bit off (the more you cut the longer it becomes ‘just like Rapunzel’s’!!   Blow dried and pretty tiny ‘Hello Kitty’ clips put in.  She looked gorgeous!!   And to top it all, she LOVED the look !!  Walked around the whole day upright and neck stretched high and kept shooshing the new look !

We now have a ‘loyalty’ card … nine haircuts with no. 10 free!   She’s thrilled!  When she came just now for the day, she asked if we were going to have her hair cut again today  !!!:)

2.   She plucked up the courage to take her armbands off .. just like Connor does!   He swims with them on for a while and then ‘practices’ without.  He’s getting good!  He can swim across the shallow end without stopping!   I told Erin to start towards the steps .. short spurts .. then make them longer .. and longer …

Sinking is part of the learning curve …

Choking on water … and getting water in the eyes is also part of the learning process …

… perseverance wins  …

.. and was able to show her Daddy when he came to fetch her  🙂

Clever girl  !!!    Granny is so very proud of you !!!!


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4 Responses to Happiness is .. swimming without armbands !

  1. Firefly says:

    I felt so proud of my kids when they first swam without their armbands. And they, specially Megan, was in 7th heaven.

  2. Jenty says:

    Bwahaha love the photo of them spluttering

  3. Jientje says:

    hapiness is … Having cute clever grandkids like yours!

  4. Go Erin! Growing up fast! Wish we had a gran like you….

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