Dornier Wines

Hubby and I – on our recent flying visit/weekend to the Cape recently – wanted to do a wine tasting at Waterford.  We’ve been there before for their wine tasting and chocolate experience (!) … a couple of years ago and we thought it was time to re-visit.  Unfortunately we picked the Sunday to do it … they’re closed on Sundays 😦

Next best thing for a spot of wine tasting before visiting my Mum and then catching the flight home, was Dornier Wines as they are situated on the same road as Waterford and of course, the car naturally swung into a wine estate … when in the winelands .. drink wine!!

The Bodega Restaurant ….

According to the latest version of Platters – South African Wines, Dornier “has gone a deeper shade of green, apart from saving energy in the cellar, much effort is going into using cellar waste.  Glass, paper, plastics are recycled, grapeskins and stems go as compost for the gardens and there is a new affluent management system for waste water.  While the environment is thus respected, human nurturing is not neglected, with new after-care facilities for the farm children in tandem with the Anna Foundation.

Sundowner tapas are very popular …  (another thing to try .. next time!!) 

They had had an asparagus festival which had been extended – wish we hadn’t had breakfast .. would have loved to have tried this !! 

A kiddies play area is close by … you can keep an eye on your kiddies while sipping wines and eating tapas watching the sun setting ..   

It was raining off and on while we were there .. hence the rain drops on the lens


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2 Responses to Dornier Wines

  1. Jo says:

    Hallo Avril, thanks for commenting on my blog today! When your husband travels into Africa do you sometimes accompany him? Does he visit Kenya? So many questions, but I’m so glad to have linked to your blog which is stunning. Have a wonderful weekend. Greetings, Jo

  2. Jo says:

    PS: How do I add myself as a follower to your blog? Jo

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