I’ve got to keep up!

Two posts in one day!  Phew … but I need to keep up with Jeanette!!  Besides that, we are going again to the winelands in the Cape again tomorrow, flying early in the morning and returning Sunday evening to enjoy the prize I won!   Compliments of Simonsig Wines in Stellebosch

After brekkies at Tokara, last Sunday, we drove down the mountain and up another one to Uva Mira Vineyards, the highest vineyard in altitude in the Cape.  Views from there are panoramic!!   Whenever we’re in the Cape, and if we are with someone who hasn’t been there , we always take them – it’s that stunning!

This time was special – wine tasting with my daughter !!  Another first for us! 

And then there was ‘the door’ !   As soon as Jeanette saw it, she had to use for more photos of Kathy 

As Jeanette had mentioned in her blog, while she was taking photos a young woman who walked past and gave Kathy a thumbs up, saying she was also a survivor and pointed to her hair.   Said to Kathy that it will grow back like hers has done – picking up strands of her shoulder length hair, thick and wavy!  She was stage 3 cancer, three years ago!   

Hope – that’s the word that came to my mind as she spoke.  It reminded me of the biker ladies I bumped into at the shopping mall a few months ago, who were handing out scarves and fundraising for their ‘Journey of Hope’ .  All breast cancer survivors touring the country on their motorbikes spreading breast cancer awareness and … HOPE

One more photograph  … had to add this one … my brother, the patient and ever loving and caring hubby, while the photos at ‘the door’ were being taken


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3 Responses to I’ve got to keep up!

  1. Wow, awesome pics Avril!

  2. Jeanette says:

    It was awesome Mom! Enjoy this weekend in Cape Town too 🙂

  3. Firefly says:

    The second and thirds pics look like they could have been taken at a wine farm somewhere in France

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