Mommy picking up the pieces

To fill in the blanks of Jeanette’s story of the boys’ spat yesterday afternoon ….  Connor got over his ‘heart’ being hurt but Bradley was grumpy and all the day’s problems tumbled out 😦    (they were both very tired by this time as they had had a late night the night before – they came to stay with us while Jeanette and Lance went to a show and didn’t fall asleep until quite late)  

Connor slipped in next to Bradley …

… but Bradley didn’t want anything to do with him …

It didn’t last long though … and they were friends again !!!  🙂   



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3 Responses to Mommy picking up the pieces

  1. Firefly says:

    The same thing happens at our place just about every day, but they always go back to playing after the fight is done and the tears have dried up.

  2. it’s sure hard for a Grandma to see her boys upset with each other…looks like the handled it well

  3. Jenty says:

    Haha was quite funny

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