A glass of wine in hand ..

.. while I type this post, having had an hour or so relaxing,

.. breathing deeply …

.. listening to the thunder and rain outside … and The Ten Tenors/Josh Groban/Il Divo inside, loudly …

.. hubby away and had the boys for a ‘sleep-over’ last night.  As they’re getting older, it’s becoming easier and they (Connor in particular) were so good except they only fell asleep once they were separated and slept in different rooms at around 9.30!! 


They ate all their supper – meatballs, mash and peas – at the dining room table set with candles and dim light, and proper serviettes/napkins in serviette/napkin rings!! I always insist on ‘proper’ serviettes when we sit at the table.  A story behind this – when we came to this country from Rhodesia, we had been used to help in the home.  New country, new way of life, we had no help and no support system!  I wasn’t going to wash and iron serviettes!!!   When Jeanette (as a 3 year old) found the serviette rings tucked away in a drawer, she asked me what they were and what they were used for!!!  I was shattered!  We now use serviette rings on a daily basis!    

“It’s romantic” said Connor, as he sat down beaming at the candles!!

So … we had a ‘romantic’ dinner and when it came to breakfast this morning, he insisted we had candles again .. “it’s romantic” he grinned with dimples on those chubby cheeks and proceeded to close the blinds to get the right atmosphere !!!!

Once Jeanette had come, had a cup of tea then left with the boys, I tackled a job in the garden that had been bugging me!  Was supposed to do other tasks .. altering hems for one and/or sorting out toys/cupboards but the garden was calling, having had welcoming rain last night, the ground was easy to work!  

A job well done!  Ready for planting something new!   An aching back and tired muscles hence the need to relax with a glass of Asara Shiraz 2007 !!!  All worth it 🙂 



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2 Responses to A glass of wine in hand ..

  1. Jenty says:

    Glad you had a good gardening day, and thanks for looking after the kids. They enjoyed their sleepover 🙂

  2. Firefly says:

    My mom wouldn’t mind sleepovers, but she lives with my sister. Now if only I can get my in-laws to do it more than once in a blue moon. Perhaps you can come visit me, have a sleep over with my kids and even climb into my garden a bit. LOL!!!

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