Mr Tickle has turned 40 !!

Hubby read in the newspaper that the Mr Men books are in their 40th year!!!  The company and their extended library of Mr Men and Little Miss books has been continued by the Hargreaves family.  The original book, Mr Tickle, was written by Roger Hargreaves for his son Adam, who wanted to know what a tickle looked like.

I have an original !!!!!!   I have only one of the original books unfortunately, which I bought – or should I say, Father Christmas brought for my son, Carl when he was little …

It’s not in perfect condition because it’s been read over and over … and over and over … and over again  … by me to all my children and now my grandchildren!!  You can tell which are the most loved and treasured kiddies books in my house … they are very well read with pages wearing thin and curling up at the edges !!!!

Elaine, when she was little, decided Mr Tickle needed eyebrows and eyelashes …  !!!!! 

We have a couple of Little Miss books which were Elaine’s and the collection of Mr Men books is increasing now with Bradley and Connor always here in the afternoons.  They love being read to and Bradley now reads them to Connor and I !!  (Pay back time!!)    I think more books are needed.  I also need more Little Miss books for Erin 🙂    btw, the first Little Miss book – Little Miss Stella – was named after Stella McCartney! 

Happy Birthday Mr Tickle … may you bring pleasure to more and more generations of children ..  as you have done with mine !!!! 


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3 Responses to Mr Tickle has turned 40 !!

  1. Oh I love them too! Thanks for the info.

  2. Firefly says:

    Truly a collectors item. I love Mr Men

  3. Hi, i am looking for the books of Roger Hargreaves:

    Little miss Stella

    Little miss jealous

    Mr. Spendy (no is of Roger)

    Mr. Stupid (i think it was a poster).

    Send me an e-mail to:



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