A dad, a daughter and a dog

On Monday hubby and Elaine walked Jackie around the small park not far from our house, while I took photos … naturally !!!!  🙂   Today is Wednesday but it feels like Monday as yesterday was a holiday and the day before both hubby and Elaine took the day off 🙂   !!  

Earlier on in the morning we took Elaine out for coffee to a quaint but yuppie place – Wolves in Illovo  (it’s her birthday tomorrow – 25 years she will be !)    Red Velvet cupcakes are a must, and an Apple laptop it seems !!!  


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2 Responses to A dad, a daughter and a dog

  1. Firefly says:

    I bet you can’t wait for the summer and summer rains to come so that the ugly brown grass can go green again.

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