Sunday Selections :

“Hi there …

“… num .. num .. num … you’ve caught me while I’m munching an apple  …

“…  Spring and Summer are not far off … the sun is warmer .. the bees are buzzing …

“… the rosemary is bluer than blue and so inviting …

“… for these little fellows …

“…. and while I munch on my apple .. take a walk along the new stepping stones …

“… to the spot where the two boys, who come to play in this garden every day, arranged pebbles around a tree stump, in the afternoon sunshine …

“… and where, close by, there is a log, weathering and cracking … 

… a silver birch with flaking bark catches the rays of sunlight …

…. and do I see a hint of Spring!!!!   Yippee … warm sunny days, gardens filled with sweet smelling flowers and my fellow feathered friends flying here and there …   


“Er um …. more .. pleeeeze .. may I have some more !!!”

I was testing my camera skills over the weekend, with various settings – these were the best of the bunch!!!   The one with the close up of the rosemary flower was with my usual camera – Panasonic Lumix on macro setting – I still like that camera but I can do more with the Canon.  

For more Sunday Selections visit Kim at Frogpondsrock  


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4 Responses to Sunday Selections :

  1. jenty says:

    Love them Mom!! It’s awesome to see how you’re experimenting now 🙂

  2. Emad says:

    lovely photos !

  3. Firefly says:

    The signs are all over that winter is slowly coming towards its end.

  4. I am sorry it took me so long to come over and visit Avril. Lots of distractions are distracting me. I love your photos. You are starting to get the hang of your new camera 🙂 The blue of the rosemary reminds me of summer. It is very cold and wet and grey here. We have had days of fog and whilst the foggy weather makes for beautiful photo ops, I am yearning for some warmth. Thank you 🙂

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