On the other side of the wall

Jeanette -‘kids over the wall’ post – on one side .. me on the other …

I had been taking photos .. trying to get the darn thing right … and not being very successful with so many blurred and over exposed 😦   … when Connor (and his dirty face!) came out to see what I was doing …

I must always remember to check the camera settings before I take photos – that is one of my problems.  One or two were ok …  



He also spotted the one bird feeder filled with fruit … and a tomato!!!   Got the kitchen stool to have a better look!!   (you see, this photo is not good at all .. but it goes with my story!)  – and look at my poor garden – all frost-bitten 😦 

He then took my camera to polish up his photographic skills, when mommy arrived and also came outside to see what we were doing … this is his photograph of mommy – excellent hey? 

Connor’s turn now with Jeanette’s camera – check out the stance!!!!    and look at my poor garden again 😦   The banksia rose in the corner fell over in a strong wind and had to be cut right back

…. and then they were gone .. toys abandoned and all is quiet



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3 Responses to On the other side of the wall

  1. jenty says:

    LOL he’s too cute with my camera 🙂 Your photos aren’t bad mom. Love the bird in the branches!

  2. Firefly says:

    Quite clearly Connor has seen you and Jeanette handle a camera.

  3. Love Jeanette’s top and great shots.

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