A working farm in the Karoo

De Zeekoe Guest Farm is a working farm.  I wouldn’t have minded staying an extra day there to see more of the farm .. so rural for city slickers like ourselves.  When I was little we often visited friends on farms.  I loved it .. loved the openess, the wide open skies and landscapes and the earthy smells.  (My Mum always said I should marry a farmer and have 6 children!!!!)  No comment !!

At the guest farm, we were greeted in the early morning with cattle scrunching through the grass and reeds mooing to each other.  We heard the bleating of sheep in the distance and farm ‘busy-ness’ coming from the sheds close to our room 

Sitting on the patio with a hot cup of tea …  watching and listening  …. breathing in that freshest of fresh air .. ’twas heavenly !!

For those that want to more than sit and enjoy the glorious view or visit nearby Oudtshoorn, Cango Caves, CangoWildlife Ranch and the many Ostrich farms, there’s lots to do …

We were the only guests – being in the off-season  .. would be lovely to sit around the Boma on a warm summer’s evening chatting with other guests, sipping wine and watching the sun setting …  


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2 Responses to A working farm in the Karoo

  1. Firefly says:

    Some beautiful photos amongst those. Some tourists absolutely love the experience of staying in luxury on a working farm. I’m also thinking sitting around a fire there must be bliss.

  2. I am sure the kids would love it there – great pics too.

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