Skywatch Friday :

I know it’s Thursday 🙂  but hubby and I are flying down tomorrow early morning to the Cape  (and I have lots to do today starting off with my session with the biokinetics!)  Another weekend in that glorious part of our country.   Bitter sweet weekend …  

He will, with his sister in Hermanus, be scattering their Mum’s ashes

I will be spending a little quality time with my Mum … and my sister in law who has recently, a few days ago, gone through her third chemo session … three more to go … half way there !!  🙂    What a brave and strong person .. she comes out on top with flying colours each time – hoping this last one isn’t a bumpy ride ….. we have booked for the four of us to do the food and wine pairing at Rust en Vrede on Saturday !!!!  🙂   A 6 course meal with a wine which compliments each course  🙂   Mmmm .. mmm … mmm !!!!   We have to go with empty tummies 🙂   

Praying Kathy can join us …. strength to you, sending you healing thoughts and prayers and really really looking forward to seeing you again x x x

In the meantime … here is an appropriate photo.  It’s taken with the zoom from my brother’s house in Somerset West looking down to False Bay with the buildings of The Strand shining in the late afternoon in May …

For more spectacular skies around the world visit Skywatch

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5 Responses to Skywatch Friday :

  1. Jenty says:

    Have a good trip mom 🙂

  2. nice photo Avril…hoope your weekend goes well

  3. Kerichojoy says:

    Your brother has a fabulous view. Lucky you can enjoy it too. So sorry to hear about the chemo. Hugs and prayers.

  4. Firefly says:

    Beautiful view and not one of the usual Cape coastline shots.

  5. Very nice view and photo, too.

    Regards and best wishes for you and your whole family

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