How’m I doing?

After going on the Moms with Cameras Workshop held by Jeanette, I haven’t had an opportunity to practice with the Canon 350D until now.  Been chugging along during the week with a bad cold plus my visits to physio and biokinetics for my bum!!!  Actually my back, but it’s the bum that hurts!!  It appears to be working .. the pain is reduced but I still get shooting pains down my leg right down to my ankle.   Coughing is not helping – but I am persevering

Back to my photos …  all these are with the small lens – 50mm – for practice purposes .. to get used the camera etc etc.   It has no zoom or anything fancy .. plain and simple …

These photos were taken in the late late afternoon



In a vase early this morning – natural light through window was a bit dull so had dining room light on …

Sooo .. how’m I doing ????   Can’t get the focal point as clear as I would like (sharpened most of them) 

Submitting these to Sunday Selections as I havent done so for a long time – visit Kim for more


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7 Responses to How’m I doing?

  1. Jeanette Verster says:

    Oh mom these are fantastic!! Well done!!

  2. your doing great…hope you feel better soon…

  3. Oh they are great. I just love the first one.

  4. carolina says:

    Great shots. Love the one of the child and the last photo of the flower. If you can’t get your focal point clear, perhaps you need to switch off the autofocus and focus manually. If you are too close to your subject, the autofocus doesn’t work. But perhaps you knew all this already and you’re thinking: ‘yeah duh’ 😉

  5. These are good Avril 🙂 The gladioli is gorgeous, Well Done! and thanks for joining in this week.

  6. The first one and the rose hip won my heart. Thanks.

  7. Firefly says:

    Great job. Perhaps I should also get Jeanette to give me a couple of pointers once I get myself a SLR

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