Jeanette’s Birthday !!

Jeanette’s birthday didn’t turn out the way it was planned.   Our booking at a restaurant had to be cancelled as Bradley couldn’t stop vomitting this morning.  Lance had to dash him to doc who said it was a reaction to the medication for Swine Flu – poor little sausage!!  They came home and Bradley slept .. and slept.   I made a choccie birthday cake and while he slept, we all had a family gathering at their house, in the afternoon,  for tea, celebrating Jeanette’s birthday.  Can hardly believe it’s 39 years ago she was born – just in time for afternoon tea – my first born – gorgeous little baby girl with long, very dark hair.  When my hubby first saw his baby girl, (fathers and husbands were NOT allowed in the delivery room in those days!)  her hair was tied at the top with a red ribbon!!!!  I was very young, (shhh .. don’t tell a soul .. I was 19!) knew nothing of babies, bottles and bums .. goodness how quickly you learn !!!  

Birthday hugs for mommy …

… birthday kisses …

 … more birthday kisses …

 … hip hip hoorays …

Choccie birthday cake …

… birthday prezzie …

… birthday candles …

Happy Birthday my girl, our very special, beautiful and loving daughter and may you have many many more years of happiness, love and laughter  🙂  !!!  …. luck … success … good health … fun me-times … calming and relaxing me-times … … …. …. … !!   

Don’t often get a photo of Jeanette and Lance together … I was lucky today !!!


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4 Responses to Jeanette’s Birthday !!

  1. Jenty says:

    Thanks Mom, for making my birthday special :))

  2. So sorry her day did not turn out as planned, but looks like you made the most of it any ways.

  3. Firefly says:

    Its a pity about Bradley, but your family always celebrate birthdays and occations with a bang, so I’m sure she still enjoyed it. I just found out that I will be in Johannesburg at the Getaway Show in Sept when its my birthday. Without my family.

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