Garden Lodge at Grootbos

As mentioned in my previous post, Grootbos has two lodges – Forest Lodge and Garden Lodge.   After our coffee at the Forest Lodge and a quick squizz around, we – hubby, his sister and I – drove along the fynbos edged road to the Garden Lodge, not very far away, which is more family orientated.  It looks like an old thatched farm house, very cozy and relaxing ambience …  

Pathways lead from the main buildings through the fynbos to each secluded room nestled in the natural bush …

Sunlight pouring into the dining area …

… and casual lounge area …

… with strikingly different beaded cows …

The Games Room where youngsters are kept occupied with all sorts of things for them to do including pool and table soccer, puzzles, games and movies. 

An interest table is filled with all sorts of natural objects ….  

There is also a model of the African Penguin, the young and their habitat and a glass cage where snakes, and I suppose, other small creatures which happen to cross paths with a Ranger and are kept only for a day before being let go into the wild again.   The staff member who was on duty in the room that day, told me that the children are always fascinated by the live snakes!     

Outdoor activities for the youngsters include horse riding.   A trampoline is in the corner (out of picture) ….

While the kiddies are busy, Mom and Dad can relax .. do a little whale watching, bird watching or any other kind of watching ! …

.. or just sit, unwind, and enjoy the view … sipping wine, beer, cocktails, tea, coffee … …. … …

… deep breaths … slowly in … slowly out …. quiet … tranquil … peaceful …  … … …  🙂    


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5 Responses to Garden Lodge at Grootbos

  1. Deb says:

    looks like a great place to visit

  2. aj vosse says:

    Beautiful… it makes me sad to think I may never see it in real life again! You all just enjoy it for me!

    • You never know .. you may! I thought I would never ever set foot in Ireland and I did – in 2009 – still have so many photos to put on my blog about that trip. Hubby and I spent 2 weeks on a self-drive trip from Dublin, round the coast southerly and up to Sligo – ran out of time – headed back to Dublin – the most wonderful country with the friendliest of folk!

  3. Firefly says:

    This place really looks breathtaking. Stunning views, great facilities, a beautiful pool for a hot day and probably awesome food. What more do you want?

  4. Both lodges looks beautiful

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