Grootbos – the most stunning nature reserve …

is situated near Stanford, overlooking Walker Bay.  Refer to my last post on Skywatch .. and the comment from Grootbos themselves with the video of breathtaking sunsets!!  I now have to do a post on this beautiful part of the Western Cape.   Was going to finish posting about Port Alfred, Oudsthoorn, Cango Caves and many more from our recent holiday, before doing posts from this area but … those can wait now 🙂  !! 

My photos (facing bright sunlight) don’t do justice to the Forest Lodge and Garden Lodge nestled amongst the fynbos with glorious views.   Hubby and I, with his sister who lives in Hermanus,  popped in for coffee to have a look.  Hubby had found it on the internet – we’ve been to Hermanus many times visiting family and didn’t know it was there … now we do!!! 

The Forest Lodge was our first stop.  The staff were so warm and friendly offering us tea or coffee, and information about the accommodation and reserve.  I’m not going to go into that … visit the marvellous website and see for yourselves !!!  Not sure why it’s called ‘Forest’ Lodge as there are not many trees ….  maybe it’s the ‘forest of fynbos’  .. I suppose to find out, we need to stay there and go on the nature drives with a guide 🙂   

Individual lodges nestled amongst the fynbos each with complete privacy and breathtaking views …

Imagine sitting next to the fireplace on a cold rainy winter’s evening .. with glass of wine in hand of course !!! 

Shells under glass … one of the large ‘pictures’ (for want of a better word!)  behind the fireplace …

Lichen (I think!) on one of the trees near the entrance to the main Lodge …

Rolling hills thick with fynbos …  

Beautiful, hey ?

One for the bucket list!!!  .. to stay here and experience all that is offered at Grootbos (except Shark cage diving .. not keen at all!)    -Will post the Garden Lodge next time-

p.s.  remember my story/post of The Snail and Whale … the Whale sits in the cocktail bar of Grootbos …   


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3 Responses to Grootbos – the most stunning nature reserve …

  1. Janet says:

    What a beautiful place! A sanctuary!

  2. Firefly says:

    I have heard of Grootbos but have never been there. From your pictures its clear that its a stunning place. Amazing views and beautiful scenery. Ps. I will do the shark cage diving for you.

  3. Grootbos says:

    Momsmeanderings, you should write some content for our Website… Your blog posts about Grootbos were outstanding! If you guys would like to join our Social Media Channels:
    And come soon at Grootbos, today the weather is amazing!

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