The red moon …

oh hum … my contribution to the full eclipse of the moon is not fantastic – tried my camera, then hubby’s with Jeanette texting me what settings to put it on .. if only I could have found those settings  – I do need lessons!!!  All the while my bum muscles/sciatic nerve (which is still giving me pain – xrays yesterday so hopefully we will find out the reason) – needed to sit on a stool while trying to take decent shots and only when the moon was at it’s deepest and darkest moment did I decide to get the tripod out and go back to my camera … !! 

With my camera …. fading moon … looks like he has a white woollie cap on !

With hubby’s camera … and a slight shake in the hand 😦

Back to my camera – when the moon was at it’s reddist – on a tripod … still a little blurred .. BUT you can see a tiny star at the top !!!

Adjusted this one by clicking onto Auto Correct … funky red moon !!


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4 Responses to The red moon …

  1. Jenty says:

    I like how you got the shadow in your first photo

  2. aj vosse says:

    Look at it this way… t least you could see the moon! The clouds did us in again! 😉

  3. Firefly says:

    I stood outside the whole time and took a number of photos. I don’t know much about settings either, but I did find one that worked for me.

  4. Helen Methley says:

    I tried; the efforts were futile so ended up deleting them! Thanks for sharing your views.

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