The Big Pineapple, Bathurst

Well, actually, it’s enormous!! 

16.7 metres tall to be exact …

There I am … bottom left ! 

The little door, which isn’t little … it’s a normal door !!! … leads inside the structure of 3 storeys where there is a tourist gift shop, loads of information on the pineapple industry, especially in the Eastern Cape where the soil and conditions are just right for them …

… and a 360 degree viewing platform from where you can see Port Alfred …

… as well as fields of pineapples …

Hubby and I knew nothing about pineapples and how they grew etc,  let alone seen any on a plant.  They’re always packed tight in boxes on supermarket shelves where your hands get pricked and poked from the sharp bits because the one at the bottom looks so much nicer than all the others !!!    It takes two years to produce the fruit and the crop has a four year cycle.  A pineapple is not just a pineapple !!  All the spent plants are thrown back into the field and when all plants are ‘thrown back’, the field is ploughed hence digging in the old plants providing nutrients for new growth.  

When a pineapple grows it starts off as a cute little reddish cone in the crown of (surprisingly for me) not-terribly-spikey thick leaves …

… then it grows into a purplish-reddish larger cone with a small crown on a thick stem …

… some crowns on top of the fruit have many leaves …

… and some don’t … I suppose it’s a different variety (there was no-one around to ask!) …

… the colour changes to greenish-yellow and the leaves on top as well as the stem grows longer …

… viola …. a golden yellow pineapple on bending stem  ..  

A field of pineapples on bended stems bursting with goodness  !!! 

(Do you spot the thrown-back plants?)

Now … another interesting fact – there is such a thing as a Pineapple Flower – it’s called a ‘Love Pineapple’ and well sort-after by florists apparently.  There was a field of those plants (which we thought were pineapples!)  but we were told the difference was in the leaves.  The ‘Love Pineapple’ has a very spikey leaves like an aloe.  I couldn’t get a decent photo of the flower, without getting scratched to pieces, so this is all you get … it looks like a flower past it’s prime as the flowers deeper into the field were smaller, redder, with smaller leaves at the top and there were small purple flowers growing out of the segments

One more thing in this interesting place … the longest earthworm I’ve ever seen .. that’s my shoe!!!  This little town of Bathurst doesn’t only have the largest Pineapple but also has humungous earthworms !!!   

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5 Responses to The Big Pineapple, Bathurst

  1. Wow, what a huge pineapple… Looks loke an interesting place!

  2. So there’s the pineapple. A legend. Love that first photo.

  3. Jenty says:

    Very interesting!

  4. Firefly says:

    Such a wonderful attractions and a pity they don’t get more visitors. Usually when I took tourists there they would comment that they have never known how pineapples grew. Its really is a great educational stop with sooooooo many photo opportunities.

    😦 I haven’t seen one of those earthworms there yet.

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