An evening stroll …

…. along the farm road at De Zeekoe Guest Farm just outside Oudsthoorn in the Klein Karoo, hubby and I walked passed the farm sheds

 ….. to the enclosures with families of ostriches.  As we approached the first one, daddy Ostrich rounded up his family away from the fence closest the road and herded them to the far corner 

One of the mommies tried to sneak up the side to greet us.  She didn’t have much luck with her mate on guard !!!   Interesting fact, which I didn’t know, the male ostriches look after the babies.  Female ostriches are just there to produce young and are not responsible for rearing the young.  Each male has several females in his entourage!!  He has one dominant female whose eggs are placed in the centre of the nest.  If she lays her eggs after the other females have laid theirs then the other eggs are pushed aside to make way for the dominant females eggs (knew nothing about ostriches until this trip and a visit to an ostrich show farm which I will feature at a later date) 

Back down the road again …

… towards the setting sun …

… passed the old water tanks …

… glowing in the golden light …

… and a couple of old ploughs …

Fields of alfalfa lie beyond the fence (the main source of ‘greens’ for ostriches) …  

…. and further down the farm road …

We stayed at the De Zeekoe Guest Farm for 2 nights.  It’s a working farm with cows and sheep.  Not sure what else they have as we didn’t go on a farm tour which is available to guests.  On the full day we had there, we visited the Cango Caves, Safari Ostrich Show Farm and drove up the spectacular Swartberg Pass.   (will do a post on all!!! so watch this space!!!!)


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6 Responses to An evening stroll …

  1. Firefly says:

    There is something special to the Klein Karoo and I am sure you experienced it. The sunsets there are extra special. Real African sunsets.

  2. Janet says:

    It really is a special place. I found it “salt of the earth”! No pretence around, just good old fashioned hospitality.

  3. tracy says:

    gorgeous photos. i just saw some ostrich last week when hubby and i went to the zoo here for his birthday. they are so HUGE!

  4. aj vosse says:

    I can almost fell the dry air and taste the dust… oh, how I miss that heat!!

  5. Avril, there are some beautiful pictures amongst these. What a stunning place. I hope it’s you that left the comment on my blog about the no-sew tutu (somehow it got swallowed between blogger and DISQUS) – in any event – go check out here: I thought you might want to make one for your little princess. I actually am not using elsatic for the waist band anymore – it stretchees and becomes too big as it gets heavy. I use a nive broad satin ribbon which you can tie into a pretty bow like this:

  6. Jenty says:

    LOVE that last image mom!! What an awesome looking place!

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